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The law firm of Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty is dedicated to helping victims of car accidents throughout the State of Ohio. Statistically, auto accident cases represented by experienced car accident lawyers result in greater settlements for victims. The clients of Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty have received millions of dollars. Shouldn’t you be doing what you can to protect and provide for your family? Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty can help.

In addition to being traumatized by an auto accident, many people are frustrated by the delays and denials by insurance companies. In such cases car accident attorneys can help. Whether it is keeping your claim moving through the insurance maze or suing to get just compensation in Ohio; car accident lawyers can help.

It will cost you nothing unless your case is settled. Call us at 614-222-4444 or fill out a case evaluation form today and get free advice about your accident from one of our Ohio car accident attorneys.

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If you are involved in an auto accident, you will  have questions about what to do and who to call.  Our auto accident pamphlet can help answer many of these questions and contains helpful information you can use at the scene.
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