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The attorneys of Geiser, Bowman & McLafferty. have been able to recover more than $200 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients. The reason for our success is hard work, experience, diligence and an unparalleled commitment to customer service. We have the resources available to handle any case. There is no case too big or no case to small. We will charge you nothing unless we win a verdict or settlement for you.

If you would like to learn more about some of our larger cases, please read the case studies below. Please note that every case is unique and we cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular case. If you think you may have a case, we would like to discuss it with you.  Call us at (614) 222-4444 or fill out a contact form to get answers.

Mother Receives $2,200,000.00 Child’s Injuries

Result: $2,200,000.00

Due to a tragic incident in Madison County, our client’s yet to be born baby sustained serious injuries. The incident resulted in litigation, and was eventually settled. The Probate Court in Madison County approved the settlement. The injuries could have been prevented, and but unfortunately a lawsuit was required to bring the case to a conclusion. May 2016

Tractor Trailer Accident results in $1,400,000

Result: 1,400,000.00

A tractor trailer accident in Ohio resulted in a settlement in excess of $1,400,000.00. The truck failed to yield on a highway resulting in numerous fractures and surgeries. 2016

Trucking Accident Head Injury $1 Million Dollars Plus

Result: $1 Million Plus

Delaware County Common Pleas Court.  Our client was driving a heavy truck when he was rear-ended.  Although the truck sustained limited damage our client struck his head and was injured.  He was initially discharged from the emergency room with a neck strain/sprain.  After we met with him we decided to have him examined by experts at OSU hospital and it was determined that he had a closed head injury.  The case settled for a sum in excess of $1 Million Dollars.

Auto Accident Multiple Fractures $1 Million Dollars

Result: $1 Million Dollars

Our client was driving his car southbound on SR 60 in Zanesville, Ohio.  He sustained a fractured leg and a fractured wrist when another motorist turned left in front of him.  Several surgeries were required to repair the fractured leg.  A lawsuit was filed on behalf of our client’s behalf and the court ruled that the defendant caused the collision. The defendant’s insurance company paid $1 Million Dollars to settle the case.

Motorcycle Accident Spine Injury 1 Million Dollars

Result: $1 Million Dollars

Our client was driving his motorcycle in Delaware County when another motorist drove directly into his path.  Our client sustained serious injuries to his lumbar spine. The defendant claimed to have only $100,000.00 in automobile insurance.   A lawsuit was filed on our client’s behalf. The court ruled that the defendant caused the wreck. The defendant and his employer paid another $900,000.00 over and above the automobile insurance.

Nurse Receives $900,000 in Madison County

Result: $900,000 in Madison County

Our client, a Registered Nurse, from Madison County received $900,000.00 for injuries she sustained due to a motor vehicle collision involving a tow truck. The collision occurred on State Route 56 when the defendant drove left of center colliding head on into the Plaintiff’s car. The collision caused injuries to her ankle and knee resulting in surgery. Our client was very satisfied with the outcome and has appeared in a commercial for our law firm. May 2016.

Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas $900,000 settlement

Result: $900,000.00 settlement

Our client was hit by the trailer portion of a semi-tractor trailer as both vehicles, traveling in opposite directions, went through a curve in the road. Client suffered a traumatic brain injury and couldn’t remember the details of the wreck. Through the use of an engineering expert, were able to convince defendant trucking company that the wreck was its driver’s fault.

Workplace Injury $660,000

Result: $660,000

Delaware County Common Pleas Court.  Settlement of $660,000 for a young woman who was injured in a work place accident.  Her injuries included a lower extremity fracture.  She is expected to have a loss of future earning capacity but has returned to employment in another field.

Auto Accident Franklin County $525,000

Result: $525,000.00

Our client was injured when a truck failed to yield at an intersection causing the collision. The injuries involved a fractured arm and injuries to the neck. The fractured arm was repaired surgically.

Motorcycle Accident $230,000

Result: $230,000.00

Our client was operating a motorcycle northbound on County Road 1, Marion Melmore Road, in Crawford County, Ohio. A commercial driver pulled to a stop sign at an intersecting street. The driver failed to adequately look for motorcycles and pulled directly into our client path. Our client struck the side of the vehicle and was thrown from his bike. He sustained numerous abrasions, a hand fracture and shoulder tear, requiring surgery. Our client hired a local attorney, but the case was not being pursued aggressively and then hired our firm to take his case to the finish line.

Franklin County $500,000

Result: $500,000.00

Our client was driving on Frank Road in Columbus, Ohio approaching a large truck that was stopped facing eastbound waiting to make a left-hand turn onto Longwood Avenue. The truck was rear-ended by an ambulance at high speed. Fortunately, the ambulance wasn’t transporting a patient. The driver simply wasn’t paying attention to the road. The impact propelled the large truck left-of center, causing a head-on collision with our client vehicle. The crushing impact caused our client to sustain a head injury and multiple fractures, requiring surgery.

Automobile Accident $400,000

Result: $400,000

Result: $400,000 Our client, who was injured when a motorist lost control of the car he was driving. She sustained an injury to her hip which was surgically repaired. The medical bills amounted to $104,000.00. The lawsuit was filed in Ross County. Case No.: 13 CI 308

Auto Accident Dental Injuries $450,000

Result:  $450,000

Our client sustained dental injuries in an automobile collision.  The case proceeded to trial before an arbitration panel and our client was awarded $450,000.00, which was more than the amount of the insurance available to the defendants.

Wokers Comp $350,000 settlement

Result: $350,000.00 settlement

client was injured by a defendant’s employee while working as a subcontractor. Crush injury to client’s foot. Case settled at trial before a verdict.

Auto Accident Multiple Fractures $325,000 Settlement

Result: $325,000

Franklin County Common Pleas Court.  Settlement of $325,000 was achieved for a woman that was t-boned by a drunken driver and thrown from her vehicle.  She suffered multiple injuries including fractures.

Auto Accident Trauma $310,000 Jury verdict

Result: $310,000

Licking County Common Pleas Court.  Jury verdict for $310,000 to a woman injured in a car accident.  She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result of the trauma she sustained in the accident.

Columbus, Ohio Trucking Accident Head Injury $302,000

Result: $302,000.00

Our client was injured when he was struck by a car while he was working on a jobsite. His injuries included a fracture to his upper leg and lower leg. The injuries were repaired surgically. Liability was disputed. Through the litigation process, we located the company that owned the car and the driver who was ultimately at fault for causing the injuries.

Negligence $256,000 Jury Verdict

Result: Jury Verdict $256,000.00

Our client was driving a tractor-trailer on the Ohio Turnpike approaching another semi that was parked on the berm. The semi driver stopped on the side of the road in violation of federal guidelines. As our client was approaching, the semi merged onto the freeway at half the highway speed. Our client attempted to swerve into the passing lane, but the adjacent lane was occupied. He braked hard but was unable to avoid the rear-end impact. Liability was disputed and the case was taken to jury trial in the Federal Court in Toledo. Despite heroic efforts to avoid the collision, the jury determined fault to be 50% and the jury found damages in the amount of $256,000.00. We appealed a legal issue to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the next highest court to the United States Supreme Court, in hopes to secure a more favorable result. Although the Circuit Court was unwilling to grant a retrial, we fought for our client to the greatest lengths possible.

Fairfield County Ohio Automobile Accident $250,000

Result: $250,000.00

Result in Fairfield County, Ohio in the amount of $250,000.00. Our client was driving eastbound on Pleasantville Road, when another motor vehicle drove left of center colliding head into the front of our client’s car. The collision caused injuries to her legs, arms, chest and back. The defense did not contest fault. One of the more difficult issues was resolving the subrogation claims.

Motorcycle Accident $248,300 Settlement

Result:  $248,300

Our client suffered a fractured wrist when a distracted driver turned left in front of his motorcycle on State Route 229 at the intersection of State Route 69. The case settled for $248,300 with full compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Morrow County $247,300

Result: $247,300.00

Result in Morrow County for the sum of $247,300.00 for our client who sustained injuries due to the collision on May 20, 2014. Our client was riding his motorcycle eastbound on SR 229 in Morrow County, Ohio. He was approaching the intersection with SR 61. He had a green light as he approached the intersection. Another motorist was driving a Chrysler minivan, westbound on SR 229 while working for Protection One. The other motorist turned left turn at the intersection directly in front of our client motorcycle and the two vehicles collided. He sustained the following fractures to his arm and hand. His medical bills amounted to $43,300.00. No lost wages.

Automobile Accident Delaware County, Ohio $225,000

Result: $225,000.00

Result in Delaware County, Ohio, in the amount of $225,000.00, for Our client, who was injured when another motorist turned left in front of the car she was driving. Liability was disputed. There were no witnesses listed on the crash report who saw the light. Mr. Geiser contacted 911 and located a witness who confirmed that she had the right of way. The adjusted medical bills amounted to $28,700.00. The lawsuit was filed in Delaware County. Case No. 14 CV C 06 0437, 2015

Truck Accident Back Injury $202,250 settlement

Result: $202,250

We settled for $202,250 on behalf of a client that was rear-ended by a semi truck on Interstate 70.  He sustained a back injury causing hip and leg problems.  Conservative treatments including physical therapy and injections failed to provide pain relief.  Ultimately he required surgery which resulted in permanent limitations.  Special consideration was given to the client’s young age and potential interference with his ability to perform laborious jobs for the rest of his life.

Worthington, Ohio Automobile Accident $201,854

Result: $201,854.00

Result in Franklin County: $201,854.00. Our client was injured due to a motor vehicle accident in Worthington, Ohio. A lawsuit was filed in Franklin County. Liability was disputed by the defendants. Numerous depositions were taken in order to prove fault. The adjusted medical bills amounted to $21,300.00. There was no claim for lost income. The case was before Judge: Kimberly Cocroft. Case No.: 13CV7718

Auto Accident Ankle Fracture $200,000 settlement

Result: $200,000

A driver lost control of their vehicle on an icy bridge hitting our client head-on resulting in an ankle fracture which required surgery, multiple lacerations, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung.  We settled her case for $200,000.

Ohio Court of Claims $185,000

Result: $185,000.00

This case involved stairs that were defective causing the plaintiff to fall down steps. The injuries included a fractured upper leg also known as the femur.

Bicycle Accident Worthington, Ohio $175,000

Result: $175,000.00

Result in Worthington, Ohio for the sum of $175,000.00 for our client who was injured on a bicycle while riding on North High Street in Franklin, County, Ohio. The medical bills amounted to $43,400.00. Lost income amounted to $12,000.00. Our client sustained injuries to her teeth, neck and back when she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle in Worthington, Ohio. Liability was disputed.

Delaware County Court of Common Pleas $750,000 settlement

Result: $750,000.00 settlement

client was killed when she rear-ended a garbage truck that was stopped in the roadway during daylight hours. Defendant/company claimed incident was entirely the fault of client because she rear-ended the truck. Offer of settlement was zero until mediation approximately one and one-half years after lawsuit filed.

Bicycling Accident Traumatic Brain Injury $175,000 settlement

Result:  $175,000

While riding her bicycle our client was struck by a negligent motorist resulting in a traumatic brain injury, dental injury, and whiplash. A tax-free settlement was secured for our client who has resumed her career in teaching.

Morrow County, Ohio Auto Accident $155,000

Result: $155,000.00

A Morrow County man sustained injuries when the vehicle he occupied as a passenger veered off the roadway rolled over, causing him to be ejecting him from the vehicle. The injuries were included a collapsed lung, along with injuries to his knee which were repaired surgically.

Auto Accident Loss of Consortium $150,000 Jury Verdict

Result: $150,000

Pickaway County Common Pleas Court Jury Verdict in the amount of $150,000 to the wife of a man who sustained a traumatic brain injury.  The verdict for the wife was for her loss of society and companionship as a result of the injury her husband sustained.  This is one of the highest loss of consortium verdicts in Pickaway County history.

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas $140,000

Result: $140,000.00

On a cold October morning, Our client was out for her morning walk with her small dog. There wasn’t any snow or frost on the ground. She was walking on the sidewalk in her condominium community when she slipped on a small patch of ice, landing on her left knee. About two hours prior, the community’s sprinkler system sprayed portions of the sidewalk, which then froze in the sub-zero temperature. Despite knowing that freezing temperatures were in the forecast, neither the property management company nor the landscaping company flipped the switch to deactivate the system. Our client had no reason to expect encountering the ice that was created by the sprinklers. She sustained a knee fracture, which required surgery. The condominium association improved their winterizing procedures after the litigation concluded.

Automobile Accident $135,000

Result: $135,00.00

Result in Franklin County in the amount of $135,00.00, for our client who was injured when a truck lost control on Interstate 70, in Franklin County, Ohio. Our client was on his way home to London, Ohio in Madison County. He sustained injuries to his neck which did not require surgery. The adjusted medical bills amounted to approximately $6,000.00. The lawsuit was filed in Franklin County, Ohio. Case No. 15 CV 007702

Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas $110,000 Jury verdict

Result: Jury verdict: $110,000.00

Our client was driving westbound on Winchester Road at the intersection with Waterloo Road in Fairfield County. The other vehicle pulled from the stop sign at Waterloo Road struck the driver’s side of our client vehicle. The damage was relatively minor. However, our client sustained a concussion, aggravating symptoms from a prior head injury. The insurance company offered less than $10,000.00 prior to trial.

Slip & Fall Hip Fracture $107,000 settlement

Result: $107,000

Knox County Common Pleas Court.  Our client fell at a retail establishment on a loose stair with no railing and fractured her hip. Construction defects were found to exist making the stair per se hazardous.  Her injury required two separate surgeries.  Her case settled for $107,500.

Auto Accident Arm Fracture $106,346 jury verdict

Result: $106,346.06

Franklin County Common Pleas Court jury verdict to our client as compensation for a fractured arm she sustained due to a motor vehicle accident. The medical bills were $19,000.00.

Licking County, Ohio motor vehicle Accident $100,000

Result: $100,000.00

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle which failed to stop at a stop sign and struck another vehicle. The injuries included a fractures to her femur, clavicle and radius. Case resolved after suit filed.

Slip & Fall Multiple Fractures $100,000 settlement

Result: $100,000

Fairfield County Common Pleas Court.  Our client slipped and fell in a restaurant fracturing her right hip and right humerus.  Prior to her fall, witnesses observed restaurant employees spill then fail to completely clean the area.  The residual mess on the floor caused the fall.  From the client’s vantage point exiting the booth, she was unable to see the mess on the floor.  Her case settled with the bankrupt defendant for $100,000.

Motor vehicle collision $71,000 verdict

Result: $71,000.00 verdict plus interest

motor vehicle collision wherein defendant disputed that torn ACL and surgery were caused by the wreck. Offer before trial, $5,000.00

Marion County Result $68,000 settlement

Settlement: $68,000.00

A settlement was reached after our client’s car struck a cow that had walked into the roadway. The injuries were to our client’s neck, back and shoulder. The owner of the cow denied fault. The case was ultimately settled for the sum of $68,000.00.

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